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Mixed Fruit Jelly

Winter is the time when there are plenty of ripe oranges and strawberries available in market. Today I am going to share a very simple recipe of mixed fruit jelly with winter fruits. The jelly is extremely nutritious as it contains all the goodness of fruits. Plus it contains no added colours and no added preservatives! This jelly can be prepared in no time and there are no specific quantity mandates of the ingredients. I have used oranges, strawberries, dates and raisins. We can add apple and any type of berry as well. Refrain from using banana and grapes. I call it jelly and not jam as I have not used gelatine as a coagulating agent. Gelatine is not good for health so better to do without it! Trust me the jelly will turn out very good, just like the ones available in market. Here goes the recipe:
Ingredients (For 200 gm jelly): Oranges- 3 large Strawberries- 8 Dates- 6 Raisins- 15 Suger- 50 gms (1/2 cup)
Procedure: Peel oranges, de-seed them and keep aside the bulby pulp. Dice the strawberr…