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Go Native- From Farm to plate

We are living in an era where Adulteration had reached its peak in the food industry. Uncontrolled usage of toxic elements in food to make it tasty, uncontrolled usage of chemical fertilizers to increase yield and use of processed food/ meat leaves food almost nutrition free. As an attempt to serve nutritious food, Go Native comes with a great concept- from Farm to Table!

I have heard a lot about this place from my fellow foodie friends and finally got a chance to dine in last week. It is located on a stand-alone building on the beautiful and calm residential area of Jayanagar. A bungalow, which has been converted into a restaurant and a lifestyle store. As I entered, I felt that everything is very grounded and close to nature. 

Beautifully decorated place with potted plants and wooden seating. The lighting is impressive, specially the lampshades. Go Native has a ground-floor garden seating area, a first floor terrace seating as well as inside seating area. In both floors they have thei…