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The Unfamilier Song

 In search of a song I was for years...
The song, which used to be heard from a nearby house.
The language unfamiliar, the tune yet so soothing,
The voice so magnetic and the flow so rhythmic!

They used to play it in the afternoon,
When I just reached home from school.
I tried to memorize some lines and I did,
However in remembering it till now, I did not succeed...

There are hormones that creates a feeling of abashment,
And we continue to be  in such a state of resentment!
Be it January, July or December,
Untill that ''one thing'' we are able to remember.

And this has been my state for years,
Well honestly this is one of my many fears,
That one fine day I will close my eyes,
And still my ears will not get the prize!

So, I made a final desperate attempt
To find the melody once and for all,
I retraced my steps to my childhood place,
The last and only chance for the song to trace.

To my surprise the place has become quite unfamiliar,
Much like that song that drove me here,
With buildings to…