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Frootality- A health paradise in totality!

Who says healthy cannot be tasty?  Breaking all stereotypes, Frootality is a paradise for tasty and healthy meals. A cute little outlet located on the 12th main road (just 200 meters from the 100 feet road, Indiranager) stands out from the others.
Frootality offers 4 types of food:
Shakes/SmoothiesJuices and other beveragesEnergy BowlSandwichesI came here as a part of food review session for a Sunday lunch. After viewing the menu I realized  that this is just the right place to detox the stomach. Mr. Raghavendra, who is the manager of this place very patiently detailed about all the vital aspects. Here are some of the points for which I became pretty impressed: Frootality does not use ''sugar'' in any of their dishes.In place of sugar they use ''stevia'' which adds the sweetness without those calories.In sandwiches, they do not add mayo or any kind of cheese as a binding agent, instead use yogurtAll juices are made from fresh or frozen ingredients.No concen…