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Sea Food Festival at Aloft Whitefield, Bengaluru

Sea-Food festivals are quite rare as compared to Kebab festivals, Biryani Festivals or even dessert festivals. So when a fish lover like me came to know about the sea-food fest at Aloft, I made up my mind to visit it.

Aloft Whitefield hosts this fest every Tuesday at its in house restaurant -Estia. A grand welcome at the reception and the lift to 2nd floor brought us to Estia. As the lift opened I felt like I have landed  somewhere in Santorini! The rustic interiors with white coarse walls and Blue outlines perfectly pictured the ambiance of a Greek restaurant.

Huge spread of sea-food counters is the first thing that one will notice after stepping inside. There is a lovely outdoor pool side seating area as well as a beautiful indoor dining area. Beautiful live music by artists enhanced the mood of this place.

The spread of seafood is not like a conventional buffet. The festival brings to your table the finest spread of sea food to relish with choice of fresh fishes, sauces, dressings an…

Mauritius in a week

Unlike a trip to any Asian or European country, a Trip to Mauritius does not require months of planning. Its a small island country with a total area of nearly 2000 square kilometres having a length of 60 kms and width of 45 kms. Thus Mauritius's circumference can be traversed within a single day by road if you want!
7-10 days duration is ideal to tour this small island country. The main and the only
distinct natural beauty which distinguishes it from other places on earth is the turquoise coloured shallow sea water with clear sand base. HISTORY:
Coming to the history of Mauritius, it had been inhabited by many foreign countries.
First the Portuguese came but did not stay for long as this piece of land had nothing to offer that time. Then the Dutch stayed for about 70 years and introduced sugarcane and domestic animals. After the Dutch abandoned, the French took control and stayed for a hundred years. For the next 150 years, until 1968, Mauritius was under British rule. During British…