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Inhouse Burger

Now a days people are looking at alternate ways to reinvent food. ''BURGERS'' had always been tagged as unhealthy and junk. However my idea had changed completely about Burgers when I landed at Inhouse Burgers last Sunday with friends.

It is located in the food hub of HRBR layout with lots of restaurants to give a tough fight. Its situated on the 1st floor above BYLI's. Inhouse is a relatively small outlet.
Interiors are cool and casual, nothing very specific to highlight. It is however decently decorated and clean place. The unavailability of AC is one thing for which we were a little uncomfortable. Upon opening the main door, the ventilation became fine later. There are lot of board games for passing time with friends.

They offer cold pressed juices, milk shakes of several variants, Burgers, Hoagies and Salads. The former come under the healthy segment. They do have a ''Cheat'' segment where in all junkies like deep fried, che…

Exquisite Walnut Desserts at Cafe Noir with Celebrity Chef Karen Anand

This weekend on 14th April, VR Bengaluru had curated a unique experience for dessert lovers and gourmet food lovers. We were introduced into a world of delectable desserts at Café Noir by none other than Executive Chef Alexandre Seince from Café Noir. French bakes is known world wide for their perfection and premium quality. One such secret for which their bakes are just awesome is the use of premium quality walnuts. The use of premium ''Californian Walnuts'' in specific gives the right crunch and the flavour for the bakes at Café Noir.

The food bloggers table had been shared by Executive Chef Alexandre Seince from Café  Noir and Gourmet Guru, Chef Karen Anand. We all know how Karen Anand had influenced the way people eat and perceive food for the last 30 years. Being a restaurant consultant she had partnered with Chef Alexandre and enriched us with valuable information about desserts.  Chef Alexandre had been very keen on pin pointing how carefully the Californian waln…