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Personalized Men's Wallet from Urby

When it comes to men, the gifting options are very less. So every year I need a brainstorming before occasions like birthday or anniversary for my better half!
Luckily, I was contacted for a review of Men's wallet from I had a very nice experience from URBY with a personalized passport holder previously (Check out my review here). So, I was delighted with the offer.
It is really amazing to see such a vast variety of men's wallet in their website
. And frankly speaking it is a mammoth task to figure out that lucky one from the numerous!
My husband is quite choosy in wallets as he has some weird set of specifications to be met.(This I know from my previous wallet gifting experience) He requires at least 6 card holders, bi-fold wallet with a coin carrier. All of these should still stay slim and not make the wallet bulky. This is well, the most important feature he looks forward for.
Keeping everything in mind I chose the ''STEVE BIFOLD ZIP WALLET'' available a…