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The Unfamilier Song

 In search of a song I was for years...
The song, which used to be heard from a nearby house.
The language unfamiliar, the tune yet so soothing,
The voice so magnetic and the flow so rhythmic!

They used to play it in the afternoon,
When I just reached home from school.
I tried to memorize some lines and I did,
However in remembering it till now, I did not succeed...

There are hormones that creates a feeling of abashment,
And we continue to be  in such a state of resentment!
Be it January, July or December,
Untill that ''one thing'' we are able to remember.

And this has been my state for years,
Well honestly this is one of my many fears,
That one fine day I will close my eyes,
And still my ears will not get the prize!

So, I made a final desperate attempt
To find the melody once and for all,
I retraced my steps to my childhood place,
The last and only chance for the song to trace.

To my surprise the place has become quite unfamiliar,
Much like that song that drove me here,
With buildings to…

The Pallet, Whitefield

Pallet is the newest restobar of whitefield located opposite to the Zuri. Being so close to the IT hub it is surely emerging to become the obvious destination for team lunches and dinner in future. Parking is no hassle as they have provision for Valet parking.
The interiors are beautifully done with intricate wood mesh work all over. Beautiful ambience with good lighting and great music add up to the mood of this place. Pallet has a huge seating capacity (450) which again is a benefit for office events.

We went there for a review invite and were surprised to find a considerably large crowd on a Thursday night. Staff was very friendly and courteous and we were well informed in detail about the restaurant and food.
The brewery is yet to open and they are planning for the launch by March. They do have executive board rooms for private parties. Coming to the food, we first ordered rose sangria where as my friend had beer sangria. Both were very refreshing after a long day at office. In start…

Frootality- A health paradise in totality!

Who says healthy cannot be tasty?  Breaking all stereotypes, Frootality is a paradise for tasty and healthy meals. A cute little outlet located on the 12th main road (just 200 meters from the 100 feet road, Indiranager) stands out from the others.
Frootality offers 4 types of food:
Shakes/SmoothiesJuices and other beveragesEnergy BowlSandwichesI came here as a part of food review session for a Sunday lunch. After viewing the menu I realized  that this is just the right place to detox the stomach. Mr. Raghavendra, who is the manager of this place very patiently detailed about all the vital aspects. Here are some of the points for which I became pretty impressed: Frootality does not use ''sugar'' in any of their dishes.In place of sugar they use ''stevia'' which adds the sweetness without those calories.In sandwiches, they do not add mayo or any kind of cheese as a binding agent, instead use yogurtAll juices are made from fresh or frozen ingredients.No concen…