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''IRONIC'' SALAD....Truth about Iron rich diet

Iron is a mineral that's necessary for  key life-processes in our body. It plays a main role in creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. If we are consuming less than the recommended dosage (8mg for adult men and 18 mg for adult women), our body would soon start protesting in different forms such as fatigue, low immunity, breathing issues and anaemia.

Getting a sufficient amount of Iron in diet is essential. We can get iron from the foods we eat as well as from dietary iron supplements. Do you wonder why some people are anaemic in spite of consuming iron rich foods/supplements?
The reason is not quite simple. Iron is available in two different forms: Heme and Nonheme. Heme iron mainly comes from animal-based foods and nonheme iron we get only from plant-based foods. Eating food high in iron does not guarantee our body will fullfill the iron quota because it absorbs the two types of iron differently.The absorption of heme iron is not significantly impacted by other foods, whi…