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Rustic Stove

Rustic Stove stands on the 32nd cross on Jayanagar, an area much deprived of cafes and restaurants.
It is a small but cute little outlet with minimalist decor. We came here as a part of a review invite and were welcomed by Mr Krishna, who owns this place. There is nothing to highlight about the ambiance as everything starting from furniture, furnishings, cutlery, decor was quite basic. Lighting was good and seats were comfortable. This place can be a good option for a quick hangout with friends or even with family as it has a quite peaceful and decent surrounding.

The concept of this restaurant is fusion. If we glance at the menu card, the names of the dishes are very interesting and thought about. Most of the items come with a twist. Some of the eye stoppers in the menu card are: Tomato Orange Soup, Pineapple rasam, Kiwi Potato, Kerala Chicken skewers, Thai BBQ Chicken, Coriander Pesto Chicken, Mutton Coffee day, Bamboo Dum  Chicken Biryani, Omlette Biryani and Chinese Pasta. From the …