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The lost childhood

The industry of manufacturing the perfect child
Is infectious and driving all parent-kind wild
For want of supreme praise,
the way the parents raise,
their ''products'' now a days,
Keeping the reality in haze
Imposing their own dream in tender minds
who, though are born free
But are ''wired'' to always agree,
to Elders who think they are always right
keeping the little ones on their finger tips day n night
Killing innocence bit by bit
Dictating- ''Now you stand, Now you sit!''
Restricting the healthy mind to grow
That's how their seeds they sow
Swimming, tennis, painting, music, studies
No time to explore their own hobbies!
All tiny ones running a mad rat race
From dawn to dusk their well-wishers chase...

When we were young and the clock struck five,
A feeling of joy and hurray would arrive
All kids jump out of their houses
And play, play n play as if it were the last day!
A melody prevailed amongst the cacophony
Of yelling kids not in harmony
Jumping, bumpi…