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The Brighter side of Brighton and Serene Seven Sisters

For my short stay at the United Kingdom, weekends were the most eventful times. Every week started with a tour plan for the upcoming weekend. Staying in a small town made us search for tours as Newbury was quite boring on the weekends.
I was lucky to find a bunch of travel buddies. On one Friday evening we racked our brains and  then ended up planning for the Brighton and Seven Sisters Trip.
Many of the recent trips which we had involved a lot of change of trains/buses. Huge time is wasted on connected commute. So this time we were willing to spend a little more and hired a cab for a comfortable trip.

Newbury was 130 miles away from Seven Sisters and Brighton is a further 20 miles away. We started early around 7:30 am. A two and a half hour drive was enough to reach the place. We were really lucky with the weather as it was bright and sunny.
The place was very less crowded but well guided with description boards and route maps. There is a Easy Access Trail at Seven Sisters Country Park …