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Asian Paints Royal Atmos - A solution to Indoor Pollution

Imagine how simple life would be if the atmosphere would automatically cleanse itself every morning.
Well, that is not the case. Infact mankind's ever increasing needs for urbanization and globalization is happening at the cost of severe environmental pollution.
Needless to say that this is an irreversible process as we cannot go back to the era when there were no automobiles, no factories and no electricity. Infact, with each passing moment we tend to use up nature's resources to generate energy releasing tonnes of pollutants!
In such a situation what we can do is very little. But small drops of water fill up the ocean.

At an individual level, we should try our level best to save  resources like food, water and electricity. Mundane things which we often overlook are air pollution during celebrations like Deepawali/ cricket matches or even keeping the engine on in a traffic signal wait. These minute things if taken care of can make about a big change. However, there is another asp…