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A day at Salisbury and Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge dates back in the Neolithic era about 5000 years ago. It draws tourists due to its mystical prehistoric existence. Located in southern England, it is comprised of roughly 100 massive upright stones placed in a circular form. Many modern scholars believe that Stonehenge was once a burial ground. However, there are numerous other theories about the place. Its construction is all the more intriguing because while the sandstone slabs of its outer ring hail from local quarries, the blue stones that make up its inner ring are all the way from Preseli Hills in Wales (some 200 miles away from Stonehenge). It is difficult to imagine how this structure was made into existence even before the invention of ''wheel''. Stonehenge has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

I was staying in a small town called Newbury, located in Berkshire. Any historical monument amazes me so I quickly made up my mind to visit this man-made beauty. The nearest train stati…