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Khaaja Chowk, ITPL

The name ''Khaaja chowk'' just echoed several times as I entered the place. It had all the ingredients of a ''Chowk''- An auto rickshaw shaped table, dabbas, tiffins, steel utensils, painting of a Delhi market, Cosmetics- bangles, lipstick, bindis, Hindi songs of 90s and what not!

 Just for an introduction, Khaaja Chowk specializes in authentic North Indian cuisine. This restaurant tried to bring up the essence of old Delhi's street food into fine dining.
Located on the main road on the ground floor of Formula 1 hotel, it is very easy to reach. The parking is shared with the F1 hotel and there were ample free slots on a weekday night.

It was a food review session for us and I was greeted by Mr Abhay, who manages this restaurant. We were offered choice of seating and we chose the corner most seat which had the cosmetics decorated on it.
We found Mr Abhay very knowledgeable and he was happy to share the details about the restaurant. He explained us  about…