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Currylicious, Kalyan Nagar

I went to Currylicious, as a part of food review organised by Blue beans. Chose to visit this place for a Saturday lunch along with fellow foodie. I had a pre-conceived notion that this place would serve food cooked in coconut oil. Hence I was not much interested initially. Though I like Goan and Mangalorian cuisine but my taste buds are not in sync with the cuisine further in the southern coast.
The restaurant can be easily located on the main road. Without much expectations I made my way to the elevated entrance of Currylicious. The outlet has a very plain and basic decor. There is nothing that I can boast about the ambiance for.
One thing worth mentioning is that the place is very clean and tidy. We chose to sit on the leftmost corner. The menu card looked fascinating. It had a wooden texture and looked very impressive.
I did a basic research on Zomato for what I need  to order. And I became pretty much sure what all I wanted to taste, even before I glanced at the menu.
There is a smal…