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Sleepless Nights

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is calm, All is quiet
Between the peaceful dad, mom and child
Innocent infant so tender and mild
All sleeping in heavenly peace
Each Sleeping in heavenly peace!

Well that is definityly not the story
The fact is even more scary
That the infant does not let us sleep
And most of the night he makes us weep
Tossing and turning in several ways
Hitting us, between the football matches he plays
Miss or goal he definitely draws our attention
By his actions in slumber and illegible conversation

Sometimes he even yells closing his eyes
Just when we thought we could rest for a while
Patting him to pacify
His dad would try to close his eye
And didnt even realise that he has fallen asleep
Alas, as though patting baby all night is his only job
Baby would protest sitting up right with another sob
And this time dad makes no mistake
Takes him in his arms and stay awake
This may go on for an hour
Till dad become sure baby's sleep is now deep
Finally celebrate the momentary happiness as if a war …