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Paatishapta is a mouth watering Bengali delicacy that can win hearts without much efforts.
It is simple to make if few right ingredients are added in right proportions. It is generally prepared during Sankranti (Around January).Patishapta is one variety of Pithe- A sweet dish which is made out of jaggery, coconut and flour(rice/wheat). Its one of my favourite pithe. I enjoy it most on cold winter nights. Here goes the recipe:

2 cups Maida or all purpose flour
2 cups sooji
1 Cup water
1 cup jaggery (works best with Nolen gur/ else khejur gurer patali)
1 large Coconut- grated
1 cup milk
3 cloves of cardamom -ground
2 tablespoons Ghee
A pinch of salt

Dough Preparation: Mix the Maida and sooji with water and 1/2 cup of milk to a dosa dough like consistency.
Beat the mixture thoroughly by adding 1.5 tablespoon of Ghee, salt and 1 tablespoon jaggery. Stop beating once the mixture becomes uniform with no bubbles or lumps. Cover and keep the dough aside for an hour.


MoJo's Pizza

I thank the Mojo Pizza team for providing me an opportunity to write about them. 
I received a call earlier that morning from them to hear the suitable time for delivering their product at my residence. As promised, I received the free food parcel at sharp 8:00 PM. The delivery person greeted me with a smile and handed the food and the accessories. 
The Pizza was steaming hot when I opened the box. They also sent me a Chocolate Brownie to complement with the Pizza. Here is how it looked at the first glance:

 The ketchup, oregano, pepper and accessories:

And this is how it looked as I unboxed the Pizza:

The Pizza was a medium sized chicken pizza with a medium crust. That was what was written on  the parcel. I found the chicken pieces were well marinated before grilled and then put as topping. There were several layers of cheese in it and generous amounts of chicken chuncks spread uniformly. It did not have too many toppings as I found only Onions and bell peppers in it. The taste of Mojo…