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Behrouz Biryani

Its my honour to thank #BUZZERATI for associating me to write review of Behrouz Biryani. As per the scheduled date and time (which was communicated to Team BUZZERATI) I received a call from Behrouz who wanted to deliver a Free Biryani Parcel to me so that I can write about them. The Delivery boy punctually handed over the box at my residence at the said time. I was expecting a note or something which would say what exactly contained in the parcel. But there was none.
The packaging was excellent and looked very royal. A brilliant logo they have I must say. I Googled a bit about Behrouz and came to know it serves authentic Awadh style Biryani and my mouth watered! Their website has got quite a lot of interesting Biryani stories, visit to enjoy them.

As I unboxed, I found chicken biryani, pudina raita and salaan in it. The quantity provided was a little more for one person and a little less for two. So, my husband ordered another one from the same …