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All about Ghee- An elixir for life

I have been asked many times by my acquaintances about the process of preparing Ghee. I am sure, many of us can recollect the pungent smell during ghee preparation during our childhood. It was a very common affair at that time. As we grew up we have started outsourcing most of the mundane rituals of kitchen work to market processed and preservative filled products. All thanks to urbanization and us becoming lazy bones!
Well, we are not to  be blamed totally as ''kitchen work'' is still considered as a task ''exclusive'' to woman kind. After managing office and family, taking out time for such things like ''ghee preparation'' requires some extra passion either for food or for being a health freak. Ghee is an elixir for life. It is better than butter as Ghee has a unique nutrition profile and a high smoke point. For people who are lactose or casein sensitive, they can use ghee because the process has removed all these allergens. It is a powe…