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The lost childhood

The industry of manufacturing the perfect child
Is infectious and driving all parent-kind wild
For want of supreme praise,
the way the parents raise,
their ''products'' now a days,
Keeping the reality in haze
Imposing their own dream in tender minds
who, though are born free
But are ''wired'' to always agree,
to Elders who think they are always right
keeping the little ones on their finger tips day n night
Killing innocence bit by bit
Dictating- ''Now you stand, Now you sit!''
Restricting the healthy mind to grow
That's how their seeds they sow
Swimming, tennis, painting, music, studies
No time to explore their own hobbies!
All tiny ones running a mad rat race
From dawn to dusk their well-wishers chase...

When we were young and the clock struck five,
A feeling of joy and hurray would arrive
All kids jump out of their houses
And play, play n play as if it were the last day!
A melody prevailed amongst the cacophony
Of yelling kids not in harmony
Jumping, bumpi…

Chicken Cutlets --- The roadside way!

One of the many things that I truly miss about Kolkata in Bangalore is the abundance of tasty street food.
Street foods have a certain nostalgia associated with them. Street food is one such string that is bonded by taste and only taste, surpassing all barriers of socio-economic status. The rich, poor, the working class/non-working class, students,laborers, the fat ugly aunty, the uber stylish divas- all are treated as equal. No eyebrows are raised for aspects like hygiene and comfort!
Kolkata streets hold a plethora of mouth watering food at throw away prices. The taste quotient of the roadside foods can never be replicated at home. It might be that the dust, the unhygienic ingredients or the germs in the seller's hands create the magic! It is however quite surprising that very less people fall sick after consuming roadside food. Its all in the human mind and happiness of eating street food strengthens our immunity.
Chicken and fish cutlets tops the endless list of the street foods …

The Brighter side of Brighton and Serene Seven Sisters

For my short stay at the United Kingdom, weekends were the most eventful times. Every week started with a tour plan for the upcoming weekend. Staying in a small town made us search for tours as Newbury was quite boring on the weekends.
I was lucky to find a bunch of travel buddies. On one Friday evening we racked our brains and  then ended up planning for the Brighton and Seven Sisters Trip.
Many of the recent trips which we had involved a lot of change of trains/buses. Huge time is wasted on connected commute. So this time we were willing to spend a little more and hired a cab for a comfortable trip.

Newbury was 130 miles away from Seven Sisters and Brighton is a further 20 miles away. We started early around 7:30 am. A two and a half hour drive was enough to reach the place. We were really lucky with the weather as it was bright and sunny.
The place was very less crowded but well guided with description boards and route maps. There is a Easy Access Trail at Seven Sisters Country Park …