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Nagarjuna Restaurant, Residency Road

The Nagarjuna Restaurant at Residency road is the oldest among all 5 outlets in Bangalore. The exterior of this restaurant does not seem appealing, unlike the other newly opened outlets in several places across Bangalore. Recently I have visited the Indiranagar outlet (Nagarjuna Nakshatra) and its exterior as well as interior decor is far better and improvised. A little renovation would attract more visitors as per my understanding.

The ambiance is plain and typical family restaurant styled interiors. Nothing to highlight or boast about. However, the place was quite crowded with customers on a Saturday evening.  Among so many good restaurants in the vicinity, this kind of crowd at this restaurant which does not have  a fancy ambiance gave a hint that the food must be delicious.
As it was our food review session, Nagarjuna representative provided us their best preparations. The manager assisted with all kinds of queries politely. The starters which I tasted were: Paneer sholey KababMushroom…

Passport Holder from URBY

A frequent traveller's most important regime is ''packing''. An efficient packer cleverly selects all accessories, that is easy to locate, that keeps things in order, that is not voluminous yet durable and most importantly easy to handle.

Being a travel freak, I am keen on JIT (Just in time) kind of trips keeping most of the travel accessories handy. I have several pouches, sectional bags, foldable bags, bag packs, toiletries organizers, camera accessories bags, electronics organizers and even under garment organizers. And I was quite happy thinking I have everything that is essential to travel at the nth hour. Well, I was mistaken.
And I realized the same when I got an email  from a brand called URBY. They were happy to send me a complementary Passport Holder and requested me to provide an honest opinion for my readers.
At that point, I had a feeling- what value would a passport holder add in my life? I normally keep my passport in my side bag safe inside a zip loc…

Oxford in a day

During my Stay in the UK, wanderlust led me to search for all possible weekend destinations. One such destination was Oxford, which is a historic university city. Situated about 60 miles from London, makes it a comfortable day trip destination.  Apart from the fact that it is the oldest ever English university , Oxford has many things else to offer. From Stained glass churches, Ivy clad university buildings, lush green meadows to Georgian styled shops , punts on river and hustling streets -It is a perfect amalgamation of the ancient and the modern times!

We reached Oxford by a change of train from Reading as we were arriving from Newbury. It is on the route for express trains from London Paddington to Hereford via Worcester. Oxford Station is about ten minutes walk to the west of the city centre.
After arriving in Oxford, the easiest way to get around is to walk, though many take up cycling. Another simple way of touring in Oxford is hop on hop off buses.  We preferred the hop on hop o…

Asian Paints Royal Atmos - A solution to Indoor Pollution

Imagine how simple life would be if the atmosphere would automatically cleanse itself every morning.
Well, that is not the case. Infact mankind's ever increasing needs for urbanization and globalization is happening at the cost of severe environmental pollution.
Needless to say that this is an irreversible process as we cannot go back to the era when there were no automobiles, no factories and no electricity. Infact, with each passing moment we tend to use up nature's resources to generate energy releasing tonnes of pollutants!
In such a situation what we can do is very little. But small drops of water fill up the ocean.

At an individual level, we should try our level best to save  resources like food, water and electricity. Mundane things which we often overlook are air pollution during celebrations like Deepawali/ cricket matches or even keeping the engine on in a traffic signal wait. These minute things if taken care of can make about a big change. However, there is another asp…

Helicopter Tour of Mt. Kilauea- Big Island, Hawaii

One of the most beautiful memories of my life was the trip to Big Island, Hawaii in April 2015.  The beauty of the mountains and valleys are always a eye candy for nature lovers. But the fierce, erupting, smoke clad face of mother nature in the form of ''volcano'' is infinitely more impressive if witnessed from a safe distance.
The Big Island is the youngest and the largest amongst the Hawaiian Islands and owing to Mt. Kilauea’s constant eruption over the last 20 years, it is still expanding! The Big Island is made up of five connected volcanoes, two of which are extinct, one is dormant and the other two are very active – Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Mount Kilauea is the most active volcano out of the rest.
Most resorts in Big Island are near Kona International Airport with the most exclusive resorts built at Waikoloa and Kohala. Hilo has a few hotels, but is the more “local” side of the island. Kona and Hilo both have international airports. Drive time from Kona to Hilo take…