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Whitefield area in Bangalore is truly deprived of good Bengali Cuisine Restaurants.
It was our Bengali New year and we were madly looking out for restaurants at the nth hour. All good Bengali restaurants are mushrooming in Kormangla or else in central Bangalore. No bookings were available for the ones which are  in the vicinity. After a lot of Googling we finally decided to go for SORSE, located at Phoenix Marketcity.
We were a group of 14 people including 3 kids. As we reached Phoenix, we started hunting for the restaurant. We were unable to locate it even after 30 mins of search as the restaurant had no inclusion in the mall map. Finally we reached the venue at around 8:45 pm.
The place is located on the top floor extreme end (opposite direction of the food court). A very small outlet with neat d├ęcor. The seating had been extended to the mall area to accommodate the guests.
We blocked two tables and jumped to order from the menu. We ordered nearly every other famous Bengali dish that wa…