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Though this is bong taste buds, but still I am posting this one. Because Rasam is actually very good for health. It keeps away cold and cough. Staying in Bangalore for almost 7 years now, I have become allergic and suffer a lot from cold. Initially I did not like Rasam. Frankly speaking I used to ridicule at others who love Rasam. Too bad of me!
Now I have developed the taste and enjoy rasam. Its a powerhouse of antioxidents and thus have got huge health benefits. I learnt the recipe from my Babysitter. So this time all credits to her :) Ingredients: Tamarind paste 2 tabsp to which 1 cup water is mixed smoothly 2 Sliced tomatoes  10 cloves of garlic crushed 1big green chilli Few coriander leaves chopped Mustard seeds 1 tsp Turmeric powder 1 tsp Pepper powder 1 tsp Jeera powder 1 tsp 2 Dry red chillies  Oil 2 tsp Salt to taste Sugar/ Jaggery 1 tsp Heat oil in a deep vessel. Add the mustard seeds and red chilli and temper. Now add garlic, green chilly, tomatoes and stir fry for two minutes. Then add t…

The Egg Factory

It was an unplanned visit. Our initial plan was to have a buffet breakfast. But due to sheer laziness, we became late and none of the buffet breakfast options were still open. Then we started hunting for other options around ITPL and landed up here. The Egg factory ITPL is located beside GE Healthcare. The location is kind of hidden amidst trees and little elevated. The entrance is also a bit odd...

The interior is very casual with wooden unpolished benches and Folding Iron chairs. I like the way they highlight ''Egg'' in their plain d├ęcor. Then came the menu- a huge variety of options. I had earlier visited the other EGG factory at St. Marks road and only realised how many permutations and combinations are possible with lovely eggs!

We were a group of four (Including my one year old peanut). We ordered hot chocolate, two cold coffee, Bulls Eye, The ultimate veggies omelette, Two Egg Burgers, Huevos Rancheros. After a comfortable wait the order arrived. The Hot chocolate…