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The Big Kahuna

It was near lunch time and I was praying if by any means something would refrain me from having the office cafeteria food. At that moment trring trring... as if my prayers were answered! A call from hubby asking me to join for lunch as he and his colleagues were going out. I was so happy even without knowing the place that we would head to. Our tech parks are adjacent so within 10 minutes, he came to pick me. On the way, I came to know that we are going to a Hawaiian restaurant. I became all the more excited as I had been to the Big Island, Hawaii recently.
Kahuna, in Hawaiian meant wizard. So, Big Kahuna means big wizard or big boss. Good name. This one is located on the top floor of Phoenix Mall, ITPL. As we entered,  we were greeted in the ALOHA way. Nice d├ęcor, with huge traditional tiki masks here and there. The restaurant was not much occupied, might be as it was a weekday. The food came out to fantabulous. Chicken shots was something unique and came out to be very good. It was …