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Dialogue in the dark

The name sounded very fascinating and without any background we went there for our anniversary dinner. I got an uncanny feeling when they asked to keep our belongings including cell phones inside a locker.
The reception person briefed us that we will be experiencing dinner in complete darkness and would be led inside by visually impaired person. As we entered, the curtain was closed and we were introduced to our blind attendant. She instructed me to hold her shoulder and keep walking. My husband was following me by holding my shoulder. We made a train of three. We started to go through a narrow passage next , one leading to another. One darker than the other. To be honest, I was scared to death. My husband's constant cheer up was not sufficient for me. Finally she asked us to stop and feel the chair kept around us and asked to sit. The chairs were adjacent to a  table with some cutlery I think. She then asked us to be comfortable. Funny part is that there is no menu card and menu …

Boondock Bristo

If you are a lover of steaks, burgers and other American staples and stay around whitefield - This in ''The Place'' to be. Of course Kormangala or Indiranagar has lot many more options but the distance matters, at least to me...
We were a group of four (including my 8 month old) who actually went for having brunch surpassing lunch time:) Quite lazy in Sunday, actually similar lazy on other days but unable to exhibit openly for earning bread and butter!
I initially faced a problem to bring the baby's pram to the lift as there is no ramp. The lift is also a very tiny one carrying not so tiny beings. The first glance at the place said that it was surely a casual food joint. Very simple and plain arrangement but quite neat.
We took a corner large table and decided over the menu. We ordered chicken wings, burgers, baked beans, jacket potatoes, omelettes, chicken steak and mocktails (I don't remember the names now).
Food came quickly. We ate like poor, hungry men! The ja…