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Potoler khosha bata

This is a typical East Bengal(Bangladesh) dish. People with east Bengal origin tend to utilise all parts of vegetables. They even do not throw away the skin and prepare mouth watering delicacies out of it. This is one such recipe prepared out of skin of pointed gourd. If you have lost taste /appetite due to antibiotics or illness you should have this dish along with steaming rice and give me a shout if you didn't enjoy it! Ingredients :
Skin of 1/2 kilo pointed gourd
1 tabsp mustard oil
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp poppy seeds
1 tsp kalongi
1 green chilli
A drop of lemon
1/2 tsp ghee
A pinch of sugar
Salt to taste Procedure :
Grind the pointed gourd skin to a smooth paste. Heat oil in a fry pan. Add half green chilli and the kalonji. As it tempers,  add the pointed gourd skin paste and garlic paste. Stir fry in medium flame for 3 minutes. Now add poppy seeds,  sugar,  salt and cover for 2 minutes in low flame. Check if the dish separates out of the fry pan.  Once it separates,  remov…

Alu posto (Potatoes with poppy seeds)

Alu posto is a simple yet popular bengali delicacy. The story of alu-posto is also the story of drug trade, exploitation and the Opium Wars.
The British discovered the huge market for illegal opium in China soon after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, which is when they first set up their base in Bengal. Overnight huge tracts of agricultural land in the Bengal were transformed into rolling poppy fields. The enormous amounts of dried out poppy seed, left as waste by the colonial masters, suddenly took on an important role. Villagers experimented with it and found that the seeds when ground to a paste exuded a nutty flavour, blended well with potatoes. In the intense dry heat of the area, it also cooled the body. Thus was born the Bengali’s cherished alu posto.  Ingredients :
1/2 kg potato cut in sugar cube size
25 gram Poppy seeds
4 green chillies
1 large onion finely chopped
2 tabsp mustard oil
Salt to taste Procedure :
Soak and keep poppy seeds an hour prior to start cooking. In a mixer,…

Nandos , ITPL

This is my 4th visit to Nandos ITPL. It was closed for a long time. From time to time we used to check if its open. One fine day we got a ''We are back'' mail and on the same day we rushed there.  Hope you can now guess how desperate we are to have chicken peri peri and become merry merry!
The interiors have changed and so are the norms. They no more take order on table. We need to go to the counter and place order. We also need to collect cutlery,  water from dispenser and ketchup on our own. At least they serve the food on table.
Well rules are rules!
Waiting time was comfortable. We were a group of 5, excluding my one year old toddler. We ordered chicken wings, chicken espetada, peri peri chicken.  Rice, potato wedges,  French fries,  veggies were the sides we selected. The peri peri chicken was good.  Espatada was just awesome.  However the chicken wings were not upto the mark,  quite dry and hard. We did not order any dessert as the food was very filling. The staff…