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Balanced home made baby food

Changes are bound to come in every individual with time and experience. From a careless and let go women to a meticulous mum is perhaps the most distinct change in me.
I have now become so cautious for my little one that I  found out the perfect baby food recipe. Hold on...This is real hard work but if you can overcome this, your baby can get real nourishment and you no longer need to depend on packaged baby food. Ingredients:
1. 3 cups rice
2. 3 cups ragi
3. 2 cups broken wheat or dalia
4. 1 cup Masur dal
5. 1 cup Moong dal
6. 1 cup groundnut roated and deskinned
7. 1 cup roasted Almonds. Procedure: Wash each ingredient (except the nuts) thoroughly and stain on a flat dish.
Now let all the dishes in sunlight for 5-6 hours. In between, do stir the contents so that they evenly dry up.
To remove the moisture completely,  on a pan lightly toss each ingredient on medium flame for 2 mins. After removing from flame, spread evenly on the dish and keep it under fan to cool down.
Repeat this…