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The Distinguished guest

The day was on the verge of end, Suddenly in my home visited a friend... With Happiness in my eyes, tears in my heart I greeted him with a start The empty fridge and a glance at the hour, Filled my mind with enormous terror. To my friend I tried to converse, To give him comfort not to make matters worse... My mind wandering for ideas to make A simple delicious dinner for his sake My hubby was dumbstruck with the plan spoil Of a night show movie prior to dinner at royale A flash of idea- I threw a direct question "Did you have dinner or are u planning to do herein?" "I havent, ahem well if u insist, your request I shall listen..." God is too bad, I thought in my mind Went to kitchen to device a recipe to wind And manage the crisis with ease Rice, Dal, Onions, cucumber, eggs n potatoes Is all I have to combine n permute With French Fries I started to begin with Soon Rice n Daal and spices to ignite Partly stir fried and partly pressure cooked The formation of "Khichdi" appeared s…