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Journey to Nandi Hill

The tring tring alarm made my sleepy eyes open And I jumped up and saw it was still not dawn.. Brushed my teeth, then stopped feeling shabby U were still sleeping like a sweet little baby, Unperturbed by noises and chaos, As if Sleeping was the only best choice... I kicked u hard and over your ears i said "Will u get up now or else I'll bang your head" My words moved u and so did your body And Within minutes u were ready...  For the trip to the much said about-  Nandi Hill And in our hearts the excitement we cud feel!!!

It was February's 's morning so chilly no question And we were shivering and trembling as we took motion Using Google Maps to find the route Was adventurous enough but for others might not suit Crossed Kundanhalli, Forum, reached kadugudi Junction Foggy it was so much that low visibility caused tension Then we took the right turn at NH4 And look left on Devanhalli road furthermore Moving on a highway with a speed mere 20!! Is quite tragic and waste of time in plenty.…