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I lied to you
Restricted myself from my favourite food Told you that I don't like it And used new adjectives to defend it Coz I knew that you like it much more than me And so if it were divided between the two Your decreased share would give me woo Hence, one small lie would simplify Not my love to you that I justify I would lie again & again- Its a great feeling As long as your love is captivated in my ring...
I pretended to you That I liked your gift & it's the best Brilliant, Unique and different from the rest Though "Deodorant" perhaps is the worst present Dumbish, unromantic and most indecent! All that matters is the idea behind gifting Which should be exclusive and heart lifting Though I am down but shall not show As long as in my heart the seeds of love grow!
I shout at you For the trifling errors and silliest thing I should remind- you have given me that wing To snap you, scold you and tire Stomp you with my words like fire I am myself when I am with…


My life has been mainstream for such long,
No special someone to drift me along
Subcontiously waited for the time to come,
To let love in my life blossom One day you came from the mist unexpectedly,
Taking me as I am and accepting me.
You filled the emptiness that laid inside,
Releasing me from my bitterness and pride. We shared endless moments together,
Questioning if the feelings were true,
Not realising how fast time had flew.
And now the day has come for me to part and go away,
The words "goodbye" though I hesitantly  refuse to say. I am now miles away from the one I love,
Things are so different, but you are still all I have...
A day seems like year and a month feels like forever,
I think about the times we spent and in my heart shall always treasure. Your soft brown eyes that made me shy away,
Your cute little smile, brightened my day.
Your gentle touch that gave me chills,
And mere presence in thoughts gave
me thrills. I'll wait patiently until we can meet again,
Today I am a lot …